svnadmin(1)                 General Commands Manual                svnadmin(1)


       svnadmin - Subversion repository administration tool


       svnadmin command /path/to/repos [options] [args]


       Subversion is a version control system, which allows you to keep old
       versions of files and directories (usually source code), keep a log of
       who, when, and why changes occurred, etc., like CVS, RCS or SCCS.
       Subversion keeps a single copy of the master sources.  This copy is
       called the source ``repository''; it contains all the information to
       permit extracting previous versions of those files at any time.

       For more information about the Subversion project, visit

       Documentation for Subversion and its tools, including detailed usage
       explanations of the svn, svnadmin, svnserve and svnlook programs,
       historical background, philosophical approaches and reasonings, etc.,
       can be found at

       Run `svnadmin help' to access the built-in tool documentation.


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